About us

Stephen Bozich

    A US Army veteran (2002-2009; 74D24), and is currently enrolled in an associate's degree program in firearm technology with the sonoran desert institute.

He has a master's degree in accounting from the university of North Carolina at chapel hill, and a bachelor's degree in management studies from the university of maryland, university college - Europe.

Has NRA certifications: basic pistol, rso, metallic cartridge reloading, and is a concealed carry instructor and glock armorer certifications

He is the owner of Bare Arms, LLC

Brandon Herrera

   A young American entrepreneur in the firearms industry. He is the owner of the firearm manufacturing company AKG Industries, most known for the development of the AK-50. He also is the Co-Founder of Stark Marketing, a marketing venture focusing on social media for the gun industry. 

Roger Biggerstaff

   A US Army veteran (23+ years; Retired in 2016) with a number of varied interests such as music (he’s played guitar in local NC bands for years), economics, history, and not the least of which, firearms. He’s currently looking into an associate’s degree in gunsmithing/firearm technology, as well as various armorer certifications.